There is just one lady that I keep coming back for in London. She is different for everyone, and I kind of like her. Every one of us believes in love at first sight, right? Perhaps, most of us, I still can remember the feelings I had before when I booked that lady. It feels like my heart would explode of nervous, came speechless and stared her until she melts. I can’t imagine the first time we talked she don’t have a boyfriend. Besides, that is good for me. She is a good woman, and everything she did is for the sake of everyone. She isn’t selfish at all, one time I saw her in the street feeding a beggar. I asked her, “why did you feed someone, when you know they are dirty, and might cause you to become sick” I was amazed by her answer, and feel shame to myself, she is ready to fight for them. She responded “Don’t underestimate people who are below with you, without them you cant call yourself wealthy now, although they are a good person, just unfortunate in life. Don’t make fun of them and tell bad things for them to hear, they have a heart too and feel pain. Their life is harder than us, and we should respect their status too. We should not drag people down because you know you are higher than them. You have to consider that there are people that are not lucky enough to be like you.” I stop and become speechless. I am entirely amazed by her, and so by then, I want to be with her. Every time I go to Knights-bridge there is no reason for me not to meet her, she entertains me, and give wisdom. Every book is another story and another learning. One time she has shared about her experience in life. She said “I came from a low-income family, and my life is a mess. All my life I never tried school but was able to learn on my own. I picked up books in the trash and used it to my own. I learn from my hard work, and that is because I am determined too. I became a Knights Bridge escort from because someone has to help me, and did not lose the opportunity since then.” Every time I booked a Knights bridge escort, make me realize my wrongdoings in life, and how I took life for granted. She makes me believe that life is beautiful and there are many to explore. She helps me during my problems.  And because of her, I keep coming back with a Knights bridge escort.

Keep coming back to a Knights bridge escort.
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