Matt was in class yet again, his mind lost in thought, but what was going through his mind had nothing at all to do with his college math class. Instead, he was fantasizing about the beautiful girl in the next class of the day which was science. She was super hot and he couldn’t wait to lay his eyes on her once again. When the current class was over he walked to the next one and he was still dreaming about the girl, who really wasn’t a girl at all, but instead his 40-year-old professor. He knew he would never be with her, but it was a good film playing in his head to masturbate to.

After the class was over he went back to his dorm. It was night and on the way, he felt eyes looking at him from behind, but every time he looked he failed to see anything in the darkness. When he approached the dorm he felt a tap on his shoulder and it was her: the woman that aroused him nearly every day, his science professor. She said that he forgot to pick up his take home exam on the way out of the class and she was going home in the same direction so she followed him. He then mentioned how he struggled with a couple things and she offered to help and suggested they go to his room.

As they were sitting on the bed going over material from the book she lightly touched his leg. He felt aroused but didn’t stop her. He felt his cheeks fill with warmth as she started to rub his leg further up until she was touching his thigh. Eventually, he felt her hand on his cock which was already a nice size larger than it was a few minutes ago. He told her that this was probably a bad idea, but she insisted and proceeded to take his large penis out of his pants. She dropped to her knees and started sucking on it. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

As she came up for air she told him that she has wanted him for a long time and they she came to get what was hers. He tried to stop her, but could not push off her advances. Before he even saw it coming she was completely naked standing in front of him. She then grabbed his shirt and pulled the buttons apart. She was a lady that always got what she wanted. Once they were both completely naked she pushed him down onto the bed and started to climbing on top. He stopped resisting and let her. She rose up and down on his nice hard cock just grinding away until he popped hard. She then proceeded to climb off get dressed and disappear into thin air as fast as she arrived. He couldn’t believe what just happened.

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My Professor Seduced Me In My Dorm

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