Mitch who is a high class escorts from Woolwich Escort Agency from, has been in the adult business giving men exactly what they crave in a relationship. Mitch said that her list of clienteles in the agency ranges from younger single men to older married men. Though she explicitly said that her service don’t offer her having sex with the clients, she offered services like massages or as simple as a non-judgmental ear to listen to her clients, an intimate conversation and a simple connection with a loving women.

So Mitch is here to confess some of the conversation she had with married men who booked her for a date. Mitch is one of the top escort girl in London and is based at Woolwich Escort agency and she said that husband who are spending time with an escort can be a funny way for their husband to show their love to their wife. This may sound absurd but she explained the almost all of her married guys clients tell her that they love their partner.

They just feel that their partner (their wife) is not keen on listening to his problems and that is why they hired us Escorts to listen to them and give them support especially if they didn’t feel that from their partner (wife). Mitch added that it is last intention to hurt you (wife) and certainly don’t want to get you divorce with your husband.

Most of his married clients don’t want this either because you are important to him, if you’ve been with a man you know for sure that men generically has some selfish needs when it comes to intimate moments, but it doesn’t mean that if they are seeking intimacy elsewhere your man doesn’t love you anymore.

That is why Mitch believe that both partners who are in a real relationship should have more affection than what they may think. Wooldwich Escorts are booked for their GFE or Girlfriend Experience. What does it means? Remember your time when you and your partner just started out to go on dating? When you were at your honeymoon stage, those gentle touches, long intimate conversation in life and gentle kissing? Contrary to other beliefs that men tend to choose porn star like experience from gentle intimate moments, well you are wrong as most married men book us woolwich escorts just for those Girlfriend Experience, otherwise if they just like plain sex they will not book us instead they will look for prostitutes where it is more cheaper than us.

Human as we are, pleasure is the most important for us and it is very fulfilling knowing the one you are sharing your pleasure with is the love of your life. So you (wife) out there be mindful of your husband to his need not just sexually oriented needs but also those simple and gentle intimate moments.

Woolwich confessions about your husband
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