I had a great career with London escorts. When I finally left the London escorts agency that I had worked for over 10 years, I was looking forward to what I called my “retirement”. I had planned to do all of these wonderful things, but when I first left, I did not feel like doing any of them. For the first couple of weeks, I sat around waiting for something to happen, at least that was what it felt like. In many ways, I simply could not get myself motivated to do anything. Should i go back to the amazing time i had with charlotte action escorts, would it be better than this?

Things rapidly went from bad to worse. I started to miss all of my friends at the London escorts agency that I had worked for. At one stage, I even thought about going back to London escorts. But, I had made this pact with myself and I was determined to see it through. I had been working as a London escort since I was 18 years old and I really felt that I wanted, and deserved, to see some daylight.

Little by little, I started to go out. I decided that the best way forward was to drop London escorts altogether. Sure, working for London escorts had been a great experience and got me many of the things that I had really wanted to get out of life. But, I had been so wrapped up in London escorts that I did not really have much more in life. In many ways, I was a bit disappointed with myself, I should have prepared myself better. Instead, I had let my work for London escorts dominate my life until the day I left the agency.

It was around this time I realised I needed to get another job. Sure, it was all very well planning to go traveling and do this and that, but when you give up your full-time job, you need to have something to do on a day to day basis. Many other London escorts that I have worked with at escort agencies in London, had planned for their retirement. I should have done so myself. Anyway, I managed to find myself a little job in a local supermarket and I also signed up for a training course. Six months later, I graduated as a fully qualified manicurist.

Going back to study had been a real challenge, but it had also done me a lot of good. I had realised that I could achieve other things apart from being a sexy London escort. Now I have finally put London escorts behind me. It feels like I have been through some sort of crisis. I guess you could call it a midlife crisis. Where do I go from here? Well, I am still working in the supermarket, but I am also working part-time in a nail bar. I feel stronger for what I have been through and I am more confident. Yes, I could cope with working for London escorts, but it would also seem that I can cope with many other things in life.

How I Survived My Midlife Crisis
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